Dave Fauvel Logo


Logos are my favorite aspect of design and are also the most challenging part for me. It is a huge undertaking to tell a whole story in one mark and that is what I aim for with each logo.

  • Logos


  • Adopt a Village

    Adopt a Village

  • Alien

  • Luncha Libre

    Luncha Libre

  • The Horse Always Loses

    The Horse Always Loses

  • Kabbalah


  • Monster Bubbles

    Monster Bubbles

  • Matador Vodka

    Matador Vodka

  • Totally Organic

    Totally Organic

  • State Fair

    State Fair

  • Grimm's Beauty Products

    Grimm's Beauty Products

  • Road Food

    Road Food

  • Triathlete


  • Type Olympics

    Type Olympics

  • Weekend Workshop

    Tyler Workshop

  • Dave Rave

    Dave Rave

  • Reinventing the Wheel

    Reinventing the Wheel

  • Old Cow Dairy

    Old Cow Dairy